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Our Physicians

James Tracy
James Tracy, D.O.
Internal Medicine
Wendy Haack, D.O. Wendy Haack
Wendy Haack, D.O.
Peter Lund, M.D. Carol Frank, M.D.
Carol Frank, M.D.
Satish Bankuru
Satish Bankuru, M.D

Rolando Gonzalez, MD
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson, M.D.

Davina Bledsoe, FNP

Heath Gerig, FNP-C
Jon Yost, M.D.
Jon Yost, M.D.
Mary Moore, M.D.
Mary Moore, M.D.
Sara Brakebush, PNP
Sara Brakebush, PNP
Jonathan E. Andreson, M.D.
Jonathan E. Anderson, M.D.
Mary Moore, M.D.
Charles H. Toledo, M.D.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Stephan Groth, M.D.
Stephan Groth, M.D.
Julie Abbott, C.N.P., N.P. Julie Abbott, C.N.P.,N.P.
Julie Abbott, C.N.P., N.P
SSusan Robert Susan Chaney
Susan Chaney CNM
  Alex Spencer, MD
Alex Spencer, M.D.


Bay Clinic COVID Announcement

We do not currently have any form of COVID vaccine(s) on site.

We have signed-up with th State of Oregon indicating that we Do want to receive and administer the vaccine(s)

We are not currently keeping a list of patients who want/need to be vaccinated

We do not have any information as to when or IF we will receive COVID vaccines.

As soon as we have more informations, we will be distributing it.

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