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Physician Employment Opportunities:

We don't have any employment opportunities for now.

Check back in a few weeks


Non Physician Employment Opportunities:

IM Scheduling Desk; full time

Medical Assistant; Pediatric Dept; full time

Clinical Coordinator; full time


  • Manages all aspects of clinic operations in the Adult Medicine Department to include staff and providers in Family Med, Internal Med, General Surgery. Able to assist all departments in the clinical aspect of providing outpatient clinical care.
  • Provides leadership and direction for day-to-day clinic operations.
  • Ensure clinic compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Assist in teaching, training, and development of EPIC with all providers and staff in the department. Must be able to multi-task. Proficient at conflict resolution.
  • Provides onboarding for all new providers and staff.
  • Works with other clinic departments for smooth cohesion and service lines for the benefit of patients.
  • Develops and maintains provider management relations, provider access, scheduling, and processes.
  • Ability to remain flexible and versatile in a rapidly changing environment and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Ability to analyze the whole big picture and develop the best workflow for the benefit of patients, staff, and providers.
  • Be able to change and motivate behavior style/method or approach when necessary to enhance clinic operations for the patient, providers, and co-workers.
  • Make timely and sound decisions based on an analysis of information, experience, and logic. Able to apply complex concepts, develop creative new solutions, or adapting previous solutions in promising ways. An understanding of billing, coding and established metrics desired.
  • Support transformational change to move the practice and providers forward.
  • Serves as clinical liaison for pediatrics, ob/gyn, allergy as requested. Assists in these departments in writing clinical protocols. Assists in training clinical staff as needed.
  • Able to hold people accountable to standards of performance or ensure compliance using the power of one’s position or force of personality appropriately and effectively with the long term good of the organization in mind.
  • Have excellent communication skills to include written and spoken communications as well as body language in formal and informal situations to convey meaning, to build shared understanding, to motivate others, to positively influence others.
  • Listens to others and effectively communicate in a clear and concise manner.
  • Demonstrate respect and commitment to the values of diversity and equity, seek out and incorporate diverse perspectives in decision making.
  • Exhibit initiative and ingenuity by talking ownership of tasks and proactively improve services, avoid problems, or develop opportunities. Generate valuable ides to improve and impact workflow and effectiveness, efficiency and/or quality.
  • Professional in approach.  Positive demonstration of ethics, sound professional practices, social accountability, and community stewardship. Must maintain high degree of integrity, confidentiality, and discretion.

Appropriate educations and/or experience may be substituted on equivalent basis.  Preferred education:  Registered Nurse holding a Bachelor’s Degree
Required Experience: 5 years in a medical office setting. Preferred supervisory position in an ambulatory setting/medical office.
Full-time role.  Salaried position. Primarily M-F 8-5, may include addl time to accommodate business needs. Excellent salary and benefits. Reply to  Applications are confidential.


Contact Heather for more information 541-269-0333 ext 217

Bay Clinic COVID Announcement

We do not currently have any form of COVID vaccine(s) on site.

We have signed-up with th State of Oregon indicating that we Do want to receive and administer the vaccine(s)

We are not currently keeping a list of patients who want/need to be vaccinated

We do not have any information as to when or IF we will receive COVID vaccines.

As soon as we have more informations, we will be distributing it.

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